4. Terms of Payment

4.1 You must pay to Motorsport Websites:


  • A 50% Deposit upon commencement of the job.
  • The amount specified in any Progress Claim submitted to You or final 50% payment upon completion of website.
  • Interest at the rate of 20% per annum on any outstanding amount owed to Motorsport Websites from the date due until paid.
  • All financial institution fees, any legal costs and/or debt collection costs (the latter two on an indemnity basis), stamp duty and other government charges relating in any way to the
  • establishment of operation of the contract or any security or any legal proceedings.
  • All SEO packages are charged Monthly and full payment is required upon time of renewal and one (1) Month in advance. Failure to pay on time will delay the continuation of the SEO work carried out by Motorsport Websites, and one (1) Month notice is required if you want to change or cancel any SEO packages.

4.2 You must pay all money to Motorsport Websites head office, or as directed by Motorsport Websites. Will utilise PayPal, STRIPE and can also arrange a direct deposit. No cheques will be accepted at all. Any Credit Card fees incurred by Motorsport Websites will be passed on to You the client.

4.3 All payments required to be made by You to Motorsport Websites shall be made in full without any deductions or reductions for any set offs or counter claims by You.

4.4 Before the commencement of Work, you must pay a 50% Deposit, and no credit or accounts will be granted.

4.5 Nothing in clause 4.4 limits Your liability to pay the Price.

4.6 No Work will be performed until You have complied with Clause 4.4, and Motorsport Websites will not be liable to You for any loss or damage resulting from delay caused by Your failure to comply with that clause.

4.7 Payment of progress claims, Price or the Quoted Amount is not subject to the Work or any part of the Work being certified or accepted by: (a) You; or (b) Any other person whether for You or for a person to whom You have contractual obligation in relation to the work.

5. Certificate and Charge

5.1 A statement in writing signed by Motorsport Websites director, manager, financial controller, credit manager or other authorized officer stating the amount of money which You owe to Motorsport Websites is prima facie evidence of the amount payable by You to Motorsport Websites as at the date of the statement.

5.2 By accepting this quotation you charge all Your interest in any real property you own now or in the future secure payment of any monies you owe to or any debt you have to Motorsport Websites.

7. Variations

7.1 You may by written notice to Motorsport Websites request variations to the Work;

7.2 Where You request additional Work You must:

  • Pay all costs incurred by Motorsport Websites in performing the additional Work; and
  • Grant any extension of time reasonable necessary to enable Motorsport Websites to perform the addition Work.